Premium Chocolate Malt Drink with Eye Care Supplement

With the rapid development of advance technology, Internet is playing an important role & become part of our daily life. Children in the past played tangible or soft toys at home, learning a new knowledge through book. The Children Nowadays, playing games with smart phone, learning something new through tab, doing homework with computer & watching TV with television.

There are so many of the children in the digital age are constantly operating some form of these electronic gadget or another, you may find their eye sight & eye health deteriorating as time goes by, leading to what is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain. CVS will cause the surface on our eyeball become dry when we are constantly adjusting to bring into focus whatever that is displayed on the screen of the device., The size of the screen, the distance in which you hold them from your eyes, the duration and even the screen’s LED lights can all cause you to strain and make your eyes work harder than usual to see clearer. This condition can lead to fatigue, headaches, neck pain, visual ghosting, and intermittent blurred vision. Working efficiency will be decreased, and it will affect the learning progress of one’s child at school as well.

Besides, This series of activities will bring great harm to the eyes due to the explosure of blue light for long time.

Blue Light is the UV light waves such as UVB, UVA & UVC produced daily by computer,TV,mobile phone, electrical products and so on. Facing in front of phone, computer, television which release blue light everyday can make eyes feel tiring & uncomfort, Blue Light can also directly attack macula, which is our central vision. This area is the most sensitive to blue light, along with visible light spectrum that along with ultraviolet light which seriously damage our eyes. This is also the reason why there are more and more children suffering from myopia and astigmatism. Therefore, the eyes of children need to be treated & taken care of it as well.

The Lutein contain in Cen-Coco helps protecting this damage by filtering blue light before it can damage the macula, in order to get the best protection effect. The purpose of Cen-Coco is to enhance the health of your children’s eyes while enjoying a cup of hot, fragrant & nutritional chocolate drink.

Cen-Coco is not just Chocolate drink…it is an eye supplement which blend 0.34% of Lutein each sachet in its special & unique formula.

Just Start up your new day with a cup of Cen-Coco with eye care supplement today for good.

What is Lutein? Especially “ FloraGlo Lutein” …
Lutein contains rich amounts of Carotenoids ( B-carotene), which is an important nutrient that cannot be produced naturally in human body. Carotenoids have been widely acclaimed recently as a vital component in disease prevention and healthy living. Lutein is a type of carotene stored in eyes and skin. The main raw materials of Lutein are kale, spinach, broccoli or red,yellow,orange and green leafy vegetables.

Lutein is the most important Nutrient for the retinal part in our eyes. In fact, Lutein in our body can also filter over ninety percent of the blue wave lengths of light, to avoid us from getting damage because . oxidation will be occurred with the explosion of blue light. Lutein provide the essential nutrient to support the need of our skin & eyes . In the eyes of our central vision, Macula which is located at the retina part, contain high volume of Lutein. Lutein is important to macula. In recent years, it has been claimed to be effective on the prevention & treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in the medical profession in Europe. It is effective as well on prevention of some eyes disease such as myopia & astigmatism.

Lutein cannot be synthesized by the body itself but need to be absorbed through food consumption. According to the research, Most people are not getting enough amount of Lutein from the daily diet. So there are getting more people nowadays, even children consume Lutein to prevent of any eyes disease especially we are now in digital age that always facing electronic gadgets. But Lutein must be consumed in long term in order to get its effect.

The main component of FloraGlo Lutein is mainly from extracted African Marigold flowers grown in Thailand and India using pesticide-free cultivation methods. Marigold is a herbal plant that has anti-inflammatory and skin beautifying effects, and has been highly regarded since ancient times.

FloraGlo Lutein is a product of Kemin Health Industries Inc. USA with trademark registered and being the world’s leading patented lutein brand.

The 3 major functions of Lutein:

  • Fat-soluble carotenoid (deposited in lens, retina and macula of human eye and human skin)
  • Antioxidant (reactive oxygen species)
  • Absorbs Blue Light

As for eye care and others, Lutein is good towards:

  • Visual Problems as like myopia or astigmatism
  • AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration)
  • Cataracts
  • Beautifying skin especially hydration & elasticity
  • Improve Cardiovascular health