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CenGreen Global’s core objective is to produce products for “Longevity and Healthy Soul” especially based on concepts of preventive medicine and natural herbal treatment. The research and development of product promises a complete nutrient to balance body functions, focusing on the philosophy of “Natural, Complex, Trace” to uphold the concept of “Natural, Healthy, Safe, Nutritious, Beauty, Soul, Happiness and Joyful”. Our products are always attached with the three major health concepts towards life extension, namely “Balanced nutrients, Strong defensive system, and Smooth performance of metabolic network”.

  1. Balanced nutrients – According to researches, most of the diseases and cancers are related to dietary habit. Modern people have adequate but imbalanced nutrients.
  2. Strong defensive system – Most people are only aware of immune system and immunity which are only part of defensive system
  3. Smooth performance of metabolic network – When we eat, stomach produces residue and waste after digestion and absorption. If metabolic mechanism does not perform well, waste will be accumulated and become toxic

To build a healthy, prosperous and happy life:

  • In vivo hygiene; intestinal detoxification
  • Life caring; balanced nutrients
  • Healthy diet; daily maintenance
  • Health examination; function’s regulation
  • Skin care; youthfulness and beauty
  • Regular lifestyle; emotional management
  • Physical adjustment ; longevity
  • Purifying soul; happy life

CEN Series is good for:

  • Vitality: Rich in nutrients, low calories
  • Smoothness: Promotes intestinal peristalsis
  • Beauty: Collagen, natural hormone
  • Health: Organic raw material with high fiber content
  • Prevention: Enhances natural healing (simulates and activates immunity)
  • Taste: Great flavor and fullness feeling

A Secret towards a Disease-Free Lifestyle – Key to maintain your life

Intestine is the key to stay healthy; a delicate intestine will keep us younger as well. Intestinal detoxification is the main point to keep body clean and healthy. Enzyme determines your life force. If human can utilize enzyme with ease, the myth of immortality and forever young may come true! Intestine is our first line of defense. It digests and absorbs foods and toxins that have been taken, as well as maintains body’s health by detoxification. In addition, nutritional molecules, protein, amino acid and peptide are required for enhancing cellular regeneration. Diseases arise from intestine; therefore a healthy intestine is the path towards a healthy body. Food is digested by enzyme and delivered to small intestine; only healthy intestine can absorb nutrients effectively to process cellular regeneration and blood cell formation, otherwise, nutrient will be a total wasted.

CenGreen Global presents the CEN Series with the objective to achieve healthy and longevity. A healthy body starts from intestinal maintenance and smooth bowel movement and that’s the secrets to stay healthy and longevity.

Simple and effective ways for a healthy intestine:


Key Ingredients of CEN Series:

  • Natural Enzyme Complex ~ CEN Series is formed by five natural enzymes extracted from more than 50 types of natural mixed grain, vegetables, fruits, traditional herbs and herbal essence by osmetric technique. It maintains a healthy digestive tract to improve ecology of intestinal bacterial flora, maintain digestive tract function, promote bowel movement, regulate body, increase metabolism, and enhance immunity and beauty.
  • Soy Protein ~ Soy protein is a high grade protein extracted from soy bean, which is low in fat. It does not contain cholesterol; but contain various phytoprotein which can promote health, such as isoflavone, saponins and phytc acid.
  • Fucoidan ~ a kind of brown seaweed, water soluble phytofiber extracted from “sticky” component from the leaf of the seaweed and contains high polysaccharides. The latest researches proven that, Fucoidan is able to enhance immunity, remove free radicals, prevent oxidization, and promote gastrointestinal functions as well as resist fatigue and stay energetic.
  • Lactose ~ The chosen lactose in this series are patented Enteric Coated Lactoferrin from Japan, which can be delivered to small intestine for absorption without being damaged by gastric acid; whereas patented Lipid Metabolism Improver can improve abdominal fat accumulation and enhance excretion.

CEN-I contains 100% natural fruits and herbal essence as well as natural digestive enzyme; which are effective in detoxifying, removing stubborn stool and smoothing digestive tract. It is also effective for obesity which caused by edema and constipation. CEN-II contains 100% natural herbal extract and the main ingredients such as Jasmine, Stevia rebadudiana leaves and Gyuostemma pentaphyllum. It is able to take care from inside out especially to clear body heat, detoxify, whiten skin and improve better immunity. Meanwhile, CEN-III was formulated to replenish well balance nutrients for our body. The 100% natural food contains precious ingredients, such as soy bean, spirulina and brown rice which are low in calories and yet give a feeling of fullness.

The capacity, directions of use and storage of CEN Series :

There are 20 sachets of Cen-I, Cen-II, Cen-III in each box; Cen-I and Cen-II weighed 3 gm each and Cen-III is 18gm each.

*Directions of use
Take 2-3 sachets before or after meal, 2-3 times each day. For special health purposes, may double the serving. CEN-I can be orally taken or mix with 200CC water. Tea bag can be re-used for brewing while CEN-III must dilute into 200cc warm water.

Please keep in dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight.