an enterpreneurial driven company which seeks to identify and bring to market healthy and natural products to our members

CenGreen Global Sdn Bhd is an enterpreneurial driven company which seeks to identify and bring to market healthy and natural products to our members.CenGreen being the latest addition to the Century Bond Group of companies is a firm believer on ' natural beauty', ventures into the beauty and health care industry and commits to protect the mother nature as its main concepts.

Our parent company, Century Bond Berhad is a public listed company listed on the main market in Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd since 2003 ,was founded in the early 90s. For almost 20 years, we have been offering innovative and high quality products to the industrial markets .We also do contract manufacturing in household products and involve in the distribution networks of consumer products to the retailing industry.The strength and success of the Group can be directly attributed to our commitment in innovations and creativity, effective training skills for our employees and the loyalty of our long-standing employees and lastly, the strong and consistent support from our suppliers and customers.

CenGreen Global is set to build a different platform for us to get in touch with our consumers - through direct marketing. We emphasize the importance of 'Ethics Commitment' in our organisation which then holds the bond between us with our health professionals, customers , suppliers and the communities to protect the earth in each regions we operate on. We believe a combination of excellence in quality & services together with this ethics commitment clearly defines a unique culture in CenGreen.

CenGreen Global aims for an engaged membership, where members of CenGreen benefit from our strong advocacy and information,expertise and events to expand their business networking.


Compassion and love for nature
Wisdom and creativity for success
Virtues and teamwork for accumulation of wealth


To create a successful long term venture between our company and members by bringing to our members quality products to enrich their health and at the same time provide them the platform in building their wealth.


Entrepreneurship to grow the business with creativity.
Ambition to grow their wealth with discipline of time management.
Believes in good corporate and time management.
Loyalty to company and peers teamwork.
Knowledge towards protection of environment and healthy mankind.
Compassion to help the less fortunate and the poorer nation.